Seminole Soccer Complex is the Jewel Of Orlando City Fields

Seminole Soccer Complex is the Jewel Of Orlando City Fields

Pride in the Seminole Soccer Complex

I hope most of you are enjoying some needed rest - as are our fields at the Seminole Soccer Complex. While we have some teams participating national playoffs, a lot of you are hopefully enjoying your summer and getting excited about the coming fall season. 

As we continue our capital campaign and work toward phase one of our master facility plan, I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who helped us raise money through the Soccer-thon and other events. Your contributions and fundraising efforts have contributed greatly and are starting to pay dividends. 

I also want to take a moment to thank our grounds staff and the volunteers who work tirelessly to maintain our complex and are working hard to make it the jewel we know it to be. Our goal of having lights on two more fields by 2023 is no longer merely a pipe dream but a legitimate goal that we can achieve. In addition, we hope you noticed the upgrade in care and maintenance of the current fields. Countless hours and materials have been put in by the grounds staff and the difference is startling. We have received so many compliments from people in and outside the club. In the short time I have been here, we were able to host two ECNL events, another 200-team tournament and a college ID camp - all benefitting our organization while promoting our club. 

While we still have much to do, we were even fortunate enough to get the fields to a standard where the Jamaican national team was here training at the complex this past week in preparation for the Gold Cup. This effort to upgrade and improve our facility is the result of a lot of effort from our dedicated team. I believe you will see the benefit to our members in their training and competition and also the quality of events we will continue to bring to the complex. Continue to watch closely, as I expect you will see the biggest changes come to fruition in the coming year. The future truly is purple. 

Best regards

Dave Dir